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BP banned from government contracts in U.S.

The Environmental Protection Agency took the action of barring the petroleum giant from doing any contractual bidness with the U.s. in light of the Big Oil company’s dismal record. You can read all about the EPA’s action right here.

Iowa corn-processing plant agrees to pay $4.1M for dumping

The federal EPA accused Roquette America of repeatedly sending sewage and industrial wastes into the Mississippi River and Soap Creek, some of it through storm sewers. Read about the whole pollution episode in this link.

How green was my lawn?

This op-ed explores the current direction of “environmentalism” in light of the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.”

The passing of a conservation giant: Russell E. Train

Mr. Train was the founding father of the EPA and was a big player in getting laws like the National Environmental Policy Act past the jaws of  Congress. Read his obituary here.

Time well spent on an Outer Banks pier

I know this spot on the Outer Banks and the photo at the top of this article, courtesy of he EPA, was the visual clue. It is a nice place.

EPA’s greenhouse gas rules upheld by court

The Burlington Free Press here in Vermont did a nice job of covering this story, nothing up front that Vermont helped defend the federal agency’s proposed rules. I can’t help but doubt the same effort was expended by the state of Pennsylvania.

Appeals court upholds EPA ‘endangerment’ finding on climate

In a victory for advocates of EPA action to reduce global warming pollution, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has just announced that EPA acted properly in assessing the risks of climate change and has taken appropriate action under its authority.  The decision is a blow to petitioners, various states and industry groups, who are challenging pollution standards the EPA is promulgating to rein in global warming. Industry was arguing EPA was improperly construing the Clean Air Act and that it was acting arbitrarily.

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