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When it comes to ‘energy,’ politicians can’t see through the smog

The energy world portrayed in the debates – one in which coal is ‘clean’ and oil and gas companies will lead the US to a new era of energy abundance – is an illusion carefully crafted by the fossil fuel industry. Oh, and be sure and look over the muddy filth contained in the photograph accompanying this feature-length article from today’s Christian Science Monitor. That, my friends, is what is happening to our natural heritage, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

The dirty energy party in D.C.

Guess who that is? You win a gold star if you picked the Greedy Old Party, the GOP, also known as the Republican Party. This New York Times editorial of today explains the nitty-gritty. The proverbial bottom line? For Republicans, the answer, regardless of the topic or issue, is NO.

Energy bill, focusing on conservation, can’t shake calls for RES

Politics, not science, still rules on Capitol Hill the proof (again) is in the bill described in this NY Times piece.

Next steps on climate and energy