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Shooting of endangered Red Wolves halts N.C.’s coyote hunt

And with damn good reason. Controlling coyote populations, like controlling the population size of white-tailed deer herds, has little to do hunting and hunting ethics and the Endangered Species Act. Read about the halt to the hunting of coyotes in N.C.


No end to legal battle aver Nevada forest road and fish

Journalist Scott Sonner has been writing about conservation and fish and wildlife for a lot of years. I remember seeing his byline on stories moving on the Associated Press wire during my tenure at a Pennsylvania daily newspaper. In any case, the battle he writes about in this article has been going on just as long and it highlights what a road can do to fish and wildlife habitat.

Conservation could save sage grouce and ranchers from ESA listing

Well, gosh, just what is the chief problem that’s driving the Sage Grouse into potential Endangered Species Act listing? Duh?

Small Sonora Desert cactus in trouble; climate change among problems

The plight of the cactus described in this article is just one of many we can expect to read and hear about in the years ahead as climate change and other human-caused factors (like habitat fragmentation) increase in frequency and destructive capacity.

Endangered Schaus swallowtail but be all but gone

That’s a wordy way of saying the species, a Florida endemic, is, by all accounts, gone from the face of the Earth. This article has more info.

Citizens or government scientists: Who does better in selecting candidates for Endangered Species Act protection?

American citizens seem to do as good a job as government scientists in selecting candidates for federal protection. That’s the gist of this article. The statistics may say one thing, but that’s hardly the whole story. Still absent from most mainstream media reporting is this: What led to a given species’ population dive? In the balance of things, more imperiled flora and fauna benefits through citizen participation. After all, there are only so many fisheries and wildlife biologists on the staff of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And Republicans’ non-ending desire to de-fund, as much as possible, agencies like Fish and Wildlife, only makes the campaign that much harder.

Idaho gets federal grant to inventory rare species

And, then, after the inventories are done and the data published in binders that will collect dust in some archival dungeon somewhere, F and G will go ahead and hawk licenses and tags for some of the same species, all in a bid to bring in more dollars for its budget. This story that reads like a news release tells the story of the federal grant.