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Even in coal country, the coal industry fights on

It still amazes me, more than a little, that I lived two decades in a region of Pennsylvania where the raping of natural land was rampant in the heyday of underground mining for anthracite coal. There was no land ethic, only the scouring of untold thousands and thousands of acres of Appalachian hardwood forest. Well spring forward to today, and the raping of land in northeastern Pennsylvania continues in the form of sprawl and road-building. In Kentucky and other points South, the Big Coal fights safety and public-health regulations. Read about it here.

RFK Jr. on coal: It corrupts and posions

“Anybody who touches coal gets poisoned by it,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., president of the environmental advocacy group Waterkeeper Alliance. “You don’t just get sick. It poisons democracy, it poisons communities, it poisons values.” He’s right. So why do we keep doing it? Duh?

Here are some views of what coal mining is doing to the land

I saw a lot bad stuff while living on the edge of the anthracite coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania. But take a look at these pix and then get mad over what the dirty filthy industry has done, and is doing, to the American landscape.

Coal-fired power plants biggest source of greenhouse gases, EPA says

This is actually not much of a surprise, but the EPA is getting some good media attention from its release today of a package of climate change-related data and more. Here’s one paper’s prime-time article.

Stop the presses: Mountaintop removal does indeed harm streams

Surprise, surprise. So, will this study that confirms what conservationists have been saying for decades actually lead to legislation that stops the removal of Appalachian mountaintops? Don’t count on it – sadly.

The triumph of King Coal: Hardening our addiction to the rock

For 20 years, I lived within shouting distance of a huge expanse of land ruined a century ago by the anthracite coal kings. Now, here we are in the 21st century and still the damage goes on, from the death of former trout streams from acid mine drainage to our changing climate. Wake up, folks.

Giant coal-burning utility protests too much

The utility is A.E.P. and it burns a lot of coal to make electricity. This NY Times editorial does all the talking real fine.