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Global warming effects seen in butterfly populations

Yet more disturbing news/info from the conservation side.


Some butterfly species particularly vulnerable to climate change

That’s a central finding of the study described in this university research article. Not surprising, at all.

UK butterflies continue to decline

OK, OK. I know this is a United Kingdom-focused article. But, what happens there with British lepidoptera could easily happen here. Indeed, for some species it already has. Read about the UK crisis here.

Birds, bees and a whole lot more (video)

This is a top-notch production. Brings to mind the many hummingbirds Monica and I saw during our visits to RAmsey Canyon and Madera Canyon in southern Arizona a few years ago.

Quote of the week

“Caterpillars are important herbivores as well as a food source for small mammals and birds,” biologist Matthew Forister said. “They play a significant role in an ecosystem. Butterflies are used as indicators of the health of the environment worldwide. What’s happening here is a globally recognized pattern, though this study is unique in representing North America.”

– quoted by media on the effect of climate change on lepidopteran species

Rare butterflies set free in wild


How do Monarchs find their way to Mexico each fall?

A showy part of their anatomy is the key, as this Christian Science Monitor article notes. Oh, and please DO NOT contract with a commercial butterfly farmer to have Monarchs or any other butterfly species released at a wedding or other social event. It’s woefully unfair to the critters and and does a lot, probably, to muddy up the gene pool.