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Mont. eyes expanded bison reintroduction effort

Give the bison, the most American wildlife we have today, a chance and let them roam, as God told them to. Come on, Montana. Read about it all here.


As bison return to prairie, some rejoice, others worry

Why, why, why can’t Americans find it in their hearts to simply give bison, that most American of wild creatures, the room it needs is beyond strange. Read the latest here.

Mont. approves expansion of bison tolerance zone

That’s very gracious, Montana. But how giving the Yellowstone Bison the tolerance and freedom they truly deserve – as American icons – and let them go where they will without harm at the hands of hired killers. You can read about Montana’s tolerance zone north of Yellowstone National Park here.

Montana governor OKs some trout egg shipments

Others are held up, though, as the guv tries to use them as a blackmail of sorts to get the Interior Department to change (due to politics, not science) how it manages some wildlife species, like bison. What a joke. Read about it all here.

Yellowstone NP plan could remove 360 bison

Another plan, another debacle. That’s my take on the “management” of America’s last, great herd of wild bison. Still off the table is any discussion of simply letting the bison do their thing during winter; after all, like other wildlife, bison could care less about humans’ political boundaries. This article looks at the latest “removal” plan being pushed by the National Park Service.

Bison reintroduction plan: Public lands in Montana

The bison project outlined in this feature-length article is made possible by the existence of public land in Montana. Here is yet another reason for more land to be owned by the public and placed off limits to sprawl and industrial development. Good luck to the project’s field workers.

Judge doesn’t like the idea of free-roaming bison

That notion helps explain the judicial ruling outlined in this article. Once again, political, not ecological, boundaries rule the day. Sad.