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Appeal filed over Blair Mountain strip mining in W.Va.

A coalition of historic preservation, labor history and environmental protection groups filed a legal appeal Thursday morning, continuing their fight to restore the Blair Mountain Battlefield to the National Register of Historic Places.

The groups include: the Sierra Club, West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Friends of Blair Mountain, West Virginia Labor History Association and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Arch Coal wants to strip mine the spot, never mind the historical legacy, wild nature and more. Read this to get the whole picture, then get mad.

Mitt shifts to the right when it comes to talking about energy

That’s right. Stuff like oil drilling, punching holes in Earth for natural gas, building more roads and paving more wildlife habitat, etc. etc. And the cars he talks about now, in fitting for the son of an automobile executive, don’t have to get great mileage. In fact, the more gasoline and petroleum they burn up, the happier he and his Big Oil campaign contributors are. This NY Times piece spells it all out.

Big Oil REALLY likes Mitt Romney – really

The data and suppositions in this article are not all that surprising, actually. In any case, Mr. Romney would throw some big subsidies to Big Oil – and Big Coal, too – if elected (or “selected” by the Surpreme Court).

Whose side is the American Farm Bureau on?

Good question. I remember reading decades ago of how this organization was siding with polluters and their friends instead of with real American farmers. The Bureau, I was told, was pretty much an insurance outfit. Read The Nation’s take right here.

Romney’s energy plan: Drill everywhere, even in national parks

The Republican presidential wannabe is a Big friend (amigo) of Big Oil, and Big Coal, too. As this Climate Progress piece explains, the Republicrat candidate would turn drill rigs loose everywhere, even, I guess, on the lawn of the White House and the National Mall in D.C. Whatta guy.

Even in coal country, the coal industry fights on

It still amazes me, more than a little, that I lived two decades in a region of Pennsylvania where the raping of natural land was rampant in the heyday of underground mining for anthracite coal. There was no land ethic, only the scouring of untold thousands and thousands of acres of Appalachian hardwood forest. Well spring forward to today, and the raping of land in northeastern Pennsylvania continues in the form of sprawl and road-building. In Kentucky and other points South, the Big Coal fights safety and public-health regulations. Read about it here.

Coal-fired power plants biggest source of greenhouse gases, EPA says

This is actually not much of a surprise, but the EPA is getting some good media attention from its release today of a package of climate change-related data and more. Here’s one paper’s prime-time article.