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Shell delays Arctic oil drilling until next year

Aw, shucks. Big Oil (and its moneyed supporters in Congress) had to have been salivating over Shell’s push to sink a well in the Arctic Ocean. Too damn bad the first plans didn’t work out. Here’s a report.

Melting of Arctic ice sets stage for severe winters, Cornell scientists warn

Of course, the findings related in this article based on research work done at Cornell University won’t faze the do-nothing politicians. After all, they’re too damn busy raising campaign cash from corporate polluters et al.

Weather runs hot and cold, so scientists Look to the Arctic sea ice

Amid wild temperature swings, suspicion is focused on the decline of sea ice in the Arctic, believed to be a consequence of the human release of greenhouse gases. The NY Times has this article.

Climate video carries a rich and strong message

Watch and listen to this video, with the voice of climate activist and author Bill McKibben. Then connect the dots – and dots – and more dots.