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Shooting of endangered Red Wolves halts N.C.’s coyote hunt

And with damn good reason. Controlling coyote populations, like controlling the population size of white-tailed deer herds, has little to do hunting and hunting ethics and the Endangered Species Act. Read about the halt to the hunting of coyotes in N.C.


Idaho hunters kill 96 wolves

At last count, that is. And Idaho Fish and Game officials in Boise get to tally up the hunting and trapping license revenue, cause that’s how the agency’s budget gets its m0ney (mostly). Meantime, the increasingly muddied ecosystems which gray wolves patrol (regardless of political boundary lines) struggle on. The human propensity for killing carnivores is alive and well. The first near-extinction of Canis lupus didn’t teach enough. Sadly, I know for certain that are conservationists in the Adirondacks who continue to advocate for the return of big predators to that still-mostly-wild region. This link offers a snapshot of the wolf-killing ongoing in Idaho.

In upper Midwest, tensions flare between wolf advocates and hunters

The solution: No hunting season for Canis lupus! Let the predators live as native predators. It’s clear that a whole lot of people never learned the lesson which Aldo Leopold tried to impart on his fellow humans. The NY Times has this look at the :”tension” between the two camps.

Wolf kills: Will there have to be more?

That’s a lousy headline for a big-city rag. In any case, the answer is no: Gt the livestock – cows and sheep – out of wolf habitat. And that habitat was occupied by wolves and a whole lot else of native wildlife long before the locusts known as sheep and cattle showed up.

The world does indeed need wolves

To thinking conservationists, conservation biologists, and ecologists, the facts explained in this p-ed article are hardly a surprise. Wolves do indeed belong in the oftentimes struggling wild of North America. They are part of the Web of Life. Yet, politicians tend often to listen only to livestock ranchers (growing cows and sheep on public land!) and out come the rifles and traps. When will they learn?

Survey finds low tolerance for wolves in Montana

This is a case of wildlife biology/maintenance by public opinion poll. Oops. Never mind what’s good for wildlife and the habitat. It’s public opinion that matters. That, and the revenue from the sale of hunting and trapping licenses. Hah.

Wolf-kill attempts decried

Seven conservation organizations sent a letter today calling on Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and state agencies to rescind a state Department of Fish and Wildlife plan to thwart attacks on cattle by killing wolves in the Wedge Pack in northeastern Washington. WDFW officials announced last week that up to four wolves may be killed in the Stevens County area near the Canada border after the latest in a series of wolf attacks that had injured six cattle and killed two. The state killed a wolf in that area on Aug. 7. The war on predators continues, all to please livestock growers who get a big break on the fees they pay to graze federal public land.