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Idaho gets federal grant to inventory rare species

And, then, after the inventories are done and the data published in binders that will collect dust in some archival dungeon somewhere, F and G will go ahead and hawk licenses and tags for some of the same species, all in a bid to bring in more dollars for its budget. This story that reads like a news release tells the story of the federal grant.


Tracking wolverines in Montana

This is the kind of thing, as a teenager, I dreamed of doing. Life took me in another direction, of course, but reading about field work like that described in this article brings forth some good memories.

Wolverines roam central Idaho backcountry

And that backcountry is, for the most part, public land! Big open, whole habitat that’s not compromised by roads and other development is what this species (and many, many others) need. Let’s give it to them. Read about Idaho’s wolverines.

Quote of the week

“There’s wild, and then there’s wolverine.”

– Doug Chadwick

Wolverine spotted in Idaho mt. range

As Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News reports. Good news.

Wolverine makes long trip to Colo.

And the NPR newsreader a few minutes ago explained that the rare wild animal, a predator, managed to head south across Interstate 80. Roads, like this one, are major barriers to migrating wildlife. Here’s the Denver Post’s story.

Wolverine takes a road trip

This item is especially noteworthy since my blog carries the name of this critter. Thanks to Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News for the link.