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Adirondack wilderness: A fall view of unbroken forest

This autumnal view, from the summit of Baxter Mountain overlooking Keene Valley, N.., shows the classic view of the unbroken forest – no fragmentation from the building of roads – one can easily see from this vantage point. Yes,Wilderness, with a capital W.



Can ecological corridors heal fragmented landscapes?

Many conservationists say the answer is yes. And I agree. The creation of corridors of wild land between core wild areas is at the heart of the conservation agenda espoused by organizations like Wildlands Network, and The Wildlands Project before it. Read about the question here.

Roadkill nation, Pennsylvania

Americans – me included – should be royally ashamed at the cost to their wild brethren of the transportation system we’ve chosen for our society. Trekker John Davis writes at length about it in this blog post.