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Forest fire research questions wisdom of precribed burns

One major case study in this realm is the prescribed burn of earlier this century near the Los Alamos, N.M., National Laboratory that got out of control. Lay people have got to understand, though, that Wild Nature, in many cases, is dependent on natural fires, like those touched off by lightning strikes.


Climate study: Western wildfires burniing longer, bigger

More depressing news in this article for lovers of Wild America. But don’t count on the “inside-the-beltway” crowd to do a damn thing. After all, they’re just too busy tallying up their re-election campaign dollars.

Wildfires, worsened by drought, burn in Oklahoma

I lived south of Oklahoma City for about three years in the mid 1980s, while serving at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. So I feel for today’s Oklahomans. One cannot help but wonder just how our changing climate is making conditions more favorable for wildfires. Read about it here.

Wildfires in the West

The area along Interstate 84, the focus of this newspaper article, has been a fire-prone area for as long as I can remember. In fact, covering the occasional range fire outside the town of Gooding, Idaho, where I lived for just shy of a year while getting experience as a weekly newspaper reporter there, was a weekly deal during the summer of 1975.The temperature in Boise, Idaho, another former hometown of mine, reached 108 yesterday, a new record high for the date. Is climate change an underlying reason for the weather extremes were seeing across the country? The data appear to be saying yes.

Scientists sorting out beetle/fire relationship

I bet there is a dominant relationship between our changing climate and the spread of bark beetles. Read this article for the journalism look.

Connecting the dots: How climate change is fueling western wildfires

This isn’t rocket science. And things have changed a lot from the days in the late 60s when I attended a conservation camp for teenagers in the panhandle of Idaho and us campers helped dig a fireline. Yes, the changing climate is to blame for several wildfire-related issues. Read about it here, thanks to the National Wildlife Federation.

Big NM wildfire likely a precursor of blazes to come

The AP reporters whose names are in the byline to this piece mention “climate change” and “drought” in their copy. It’s about time those factors got the kind of media attention they deserve. As for politicians? I forecast another call for the logging of forests to make them “healthy,” just as we saw during the two Bush eras.