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The pledge of wildlands

Jose’s pledge:

I am for wilderness.

I’m for protecting the places close to my home and close to my heart.

I’m for rugged mountains and pristine forests.

I’m for cleaner air and water.

I’m for protecting wildlife habitat and species.

I’m for keeping our wild heritage alive.

Wilderness makes me happy, helps my community and protects the environment — and I want a better future for the wild places I love.

I am for wilderness. Are you?

– Jose Arroyo

A leader is honored for leaving the land alone

This, my latest newspaper column, is a look back at Frank Church and an ex0ploration of saving places for the wildness.

Op-ed: Sportsmen care most about protecting habitat

Eddie Zygmunt, of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a longtime friend and conservation colleague of mine. This op-ed from his pen was just published in the Patriot-News, the daily newspaper of Harrisburg, the state’s capital city. Eddie turned out a really nice piece. Read it, and let me know what you think.

Wild nature

I found this placard alongside a hiking trail in southern Arizona a few years ago. The quote is so true.

Crimes against wildlife

This article from Twin Falls, Idaho, takes a nice hard look at poaching and the investigatory tricks employed by investigators. But there remains a whole other class of what could just as easily be called criminal: The ongoing destruction, paving over, fragmentation and outright loss of fish and wildlife habitat.

Building a bat cave to battle a deadly bat-killing fungus

The killer is the well-known, now, whitenose fungus. It started killing bats here in the Green Mountain State and across Lake Champlain in New York a bunch of years ago now. And still it marches on. It has apparently jumped the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Read about the human-made bat cave here.

The world does indeed need wolves

To thinking conservationists, conservation biologists, and ecologists, the facts explained in this p-ed article are hardly a surprise. Wolves do indeed belong in the oftentimes struggling wild of North America. They are part of the Web of Life. Yet, politicians tend often to listen only to livestock ranchers (growing cows and sheep on public land!) and out come the rifles and traps. When will they learn?