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Running out of water – across the nation

Americans, especially in the southern Great Plains states, are finding out the hard way just how valuable water is to life today. It’s not pretty, but the descriptions in this article are full of grit and despair.


No more little, throwaway water bottles at Grand Canyon NP

Why something so simple as this ban took so long and caused so much acrimony is astounding. Every unit of the National Park System should follow wsuit, as should the National Wildlife Refuge System. Better to have favorite institutions like these set the standard, and then, maybe, the lay public will follow suit.

Lawmakers caution EPA over pollution regs

Oh hell. These clowns in Congress speak the PR lingo. Just who do they think Florida relies on for dollar bills, the polluters themselves? or real people with tourist dollars — real people who know pollution when they see it and smell it.

Read the whole thing in this article.

Near Walden Pond, bottle ban roils waters

Good luck to some nice folks.

In Fla., public spigot stays open for water bottlers

That’s the gist of this op-ed column from Miami Herald columnist/humorist/novelist Carl Hiaasen. And you thought that only California has a water problem, right?

Here’s the opening salvo from Carl: ”

You probably thought there was a serious water shortage in Florida.

It’s why we’re spending billions to repair and repurify the Everglades, right? It’s why we’re not supposed to run our lawn sprinklers more than once or twice a week.

But hold on. It turns out there’s a boundless, virtually free supply of Florida water — though not for residents. The public spigot remains open day and night for Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and 19 other corporations that bottle our water and sell it for a huge per-unit profit.”