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The military’s new campaign: Cutting its energy costs

This renewed look at saving whee the electricity and motor fuel gauges run is hardly a new initiative. I recall, with fond memories, my boss, the commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (now just 8th Fighter Wing) one day dispatching a base photo lab cameraman to spend a day traveling around Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, for a day in late 985, with instructions to find and photograph every outside light he found burning bright in the bright Korea sun. A few days later, the photographer’s work of several dozen shots was shown during a a wing staff meeting. The offending units knew who they were without further elaboration. That day, and continuing into the next, those dozens upon dozens of outside lights shining over parking lots, alleyways, wash-racks, etc., had been extinguished and the base’s electricity bill fell substantially. This article, from the Norfolk, Va., Virginian Pilot paper, takes a new and refreshing look at the whole energy conservation activity across each of the four military services. And don’t tell U.S. Sen. James Inhofe this, but the article in a paper serving a huge active-duty and retired military audience mentions “greenhouse gases.”

Trout face climate troubles, study finds

Never mind that the headline over this piece says “Idaho.” Trout do not pay attention to political boundaries, like those that separate one state from another. This is a solid report. Anglers in Pennsylvania and many other states who like to pursue coldwater fish like trout should pay attention.

Climate change denial becomes harder to justify

That fact, however, will not likely sway such well-known deniers as U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla. The denying will continue, even as the natural world we are part of goes through drastic changes (as it has already begun to).

Peak Oil and a changing climate

Nice introduction here to an ongoing series of video reports on these intertwined topics. I’m sure that U.S. Sen. James Inhofe is not among the viewers. After all, he’s likely too busy these days anyway.

Skeptic-in-chief Inhofe authors THE denial book

And here’s some glowing newspaper coverage of the denier’s literary achievement. Wow.

This is no April Fool’s joke

Although many of the blobal warming naysayers act as if it were. Take action and say no more to Sen. James Inhofe and other deniers.