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An area of Arctic ice bigger than the U.S. melted this year

The evidence continues to mount, and still the deniers in Congress won’t tackle the issue.

Climae change fallout: A Del. neighborhood heading underwater

In fact, the southeast corner of Wilmington, Del., is doomed to be under the water of the Atlantic Ocean by end of the century.And still, the politicians in Washington worry about their campaign war chests and not much else. Read more here.

Resort towns see beach replenishment an investment in future

But people who actually think see the pumping of sand onto eroding beaches as a waste of tax dollars and a losing battle anyway. Why? Because the sea level is rising because of human-caused climate change and folks had better get used to it (at the same moment they emit more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere). In any case, you can read about the whole debacle right here.

Sea-level rise a coastal concern

Well, yes, it is. But more than just a “coastal concern.” I don’t live anywhere near the coast, but I’m concerned. And so should you. In any case, the  newspaper that serves a good chunk of Delmarva offers this look at the problem. Too bad it offers only scant mention of who’s responsible.

Sea kayaking to the front lines of climate change in the Arctic

Reading this bumped up my wish to travel to the Alaskan North Country and I live on land that’s not far at all from the North Country of the Adirondacks, New York. Well, anyway, things are changing and changing fast in Alaska and the Arctic Ocean and human activities – our burning of coal to make electricity and our burning of petroleum for fuel and heat – that emit carbon dioxide are to blame.

Big Oil REALLY likes Mitt Romney – really

The data and suppositions in this article are not all that surprising, actually. In any case, Mr. Romney would throw some big subsidies to Big Oil – and Big Coal, too – if elected (or “selected” by the Surpreme Court).

Record high of sea turtle nests on Cape Hatteas beaches

Now if we could just get those damn off-road cow boys and cowgirls off the barrier island beaches . . . Read about the sea turtle nesting survey here.

Saving the coastline: Australia shows the way

Australia’s plan to protect its coastline shows the wisdom of saving natural resources by simply letting them be.

Learn more by reading this.

Stay or go? Some towns choose relocation to fighting sea-level rise

The battle described in this California-focused article is much the same as faced by the Outer Banks of North Carolina (and other coastal communities). And yes, it almost always is cheaper and more sensitive to wild nature to simply give up and move to higher ground.

Greenland’s ice sheet: Climate change outlook more dire

More evidence is described in this feature-length article about how human activities are changing the planet in big ways.