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As most Pennsylvania motorists know (and a bunch in other states, too), the roads are dangerous for wildlife

I found and photographed this warning sign at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in coastal Texas seven years ago. In Pennsylvania, the white-tailed deer is the most-oft victim of motor-vehicle collisions. But scores of other species also are victimized – along with their habitat.

How green was my lawn?

This op-ed explores the current direction of “environmentalism” in light of the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.”

My newspape column: Roads vs. Wild Nature

I have been writing about the effect roads have on wildlife and habitat for many years. The road-builders, of course, keep on plowing and paving and grading and salting and picking up the carnage they help create. My latest stab on this is here.

Road-closure plan for national forest targets 4,000-mile network

Nothing does more to degrade and fragment wildlife habitat than a road. Make that “roads” and there is a real problem. Read what a national forest in Oregon has come up with for closing roads it can’t keep up with maintaining anyway.

Getting Arctic oil drilling right

The NY Times, in this editorial, gives its blessing – mostly – to offshore oil exploration along the north shore of Alaska. And the editorial presses for safety and planning and all that jazz. But there’s no talk of conservation, of finally allowing people to live in mixed-use communities where zoning allows them to live in apartments above grocery stores, as one example. And there is no talk in the editorial of what the car has done (and continues to do) to the American landscape and our natural heritage (as in exurban sprawl).

Volunteers work to save terrestrial critters from mankind (motor vehicles)

This article, from today’s NY Times, does a nice job of highlighting the field work of dedicated volunteers – some of whom actually qualify to be called herpetologists – in saving migrating salamanders on their way to vernal pools. This annual event is happening right now in some southern states and when warm spring rains come the season will continue here in Vermont and the rest of New England.

More than a million acres of roadless land vulnerable, biologist warns

Teh 1.3 million acres are in the Crown of the Continent ecosystem, which includes Glacier National Park. Back East, where I sit, it is now impossible, especially in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and probably Virginia too, for a person to get more than one mile from the nearest road. That statistic holds deep ramifications for wildlife.