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Republicans release their closing argument

And they are just beating the deadline by doing so. Satirist Andy Borowitz offers this nuanced report.

On ‘The Daily Show,’ Cain asks if nation really needs national parks

Perhaps the former Republican candidate’s words help explain why he is no longer an active presidential wannabe. You can read the whole sordid interview right here.

Making fracking safer?

This editorial is on the mark when it comes to things like water pollution. But it misses entirely a huge issue circulating around the industrialization of the American landscape, especially in Pennsylvania: The fragmentation and outright destruction of wildlife habitat. It is little wonder why forest-interior songbird species like the Wood Thrush are in population trouble when their habitat is continually beaten up by developers, road builders and natural gas drillers.

Carl Hiaasen on politics and golf

This is a YouTube video, so turn up the volume knob on your speakers. Then sit back and listen to a great (and often funny) columnist talk about politics in South Florida.

Some global warming facts

Polar bears must hunt from sea ice for their food, primarily seals. As the ice disappears, bears are unable to hunt for the seals on which they depend. In a recent trip to the Hudson Bay, National Wildlife Federation staff investigated reports of skinnier-than-normal polar bears. Sadly, there is already filmed footage of cubs dying of starvation.

The U.S. Geological Survey projects that two-thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050. This dramatic decline in the polar bear population is occurring in our lifetime, which is but a miniscule fraction of the time polar bears have roamed the vast Arctic seas.

The Secretary of the Interior listed the polar bear as threatened throughout the United States but is currently allowing oil and gas development in the polar bear’s habitat in Alaska.

The Supreme Court rules that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.


Sportsmen condemn House attempt to weaken Clean Water Act

American sportsmen today strongly criticized the House Transportation Committee for hastily passing legislation that would dramatically weaken the Clean Water Act and undercut four decades of progress in restoring the nation’s waters and wetlands and conserving valuable fish and wildlife habitat. Read the whole statement here.

Quote of the week

There is a huge difference between having a philosophy and having an ideology. The people who made America had a philosophy. If you have an ideology you have the answer to the question before you look at the facts.

Bill Clinton said that.