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BP banned from government contracts in U.S.

The Environmental Protection Agency took the action of barring the petroleum giant from doing any contractual bidness with the U.s. in light of the Big Oil company’s dismal record. You can read all about the EPA’s action right here.

Oil drilling off the coast of Virginia?

Sure, sure. Let’s despoil Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore, more, more. A few million tar balls? No problem. Just pretend they don’t exist. And, best of all, we can keep motoring. Walking? Are you kidding? Read a nice letter to the editor on this whole notion.

When it comes to ‘energy,’ politicians can’t see through the smog

The energy world portrayed in the debates – one in which coal is ‘clean’ and oil and gas companies will lead the US to a new era of energy abundance – is an illusion carefully crafted by the fossil fuel industry. Oh, and be sure and look over the muddy filth contained in the photograph accompanying this feature-length article from today’s Christian Science Monitor. That, my friends, is what is happening to our natural heritage, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Who are your sources (of climate change info)?

Well, do you get your junk science info from FOX News? Or Rush Limbaugh? Or Glenn beck? Well? You can read more on this big question right here.

A well-oiled machine: ExxonMobil

This piece from the NY Times takes a god look at a new corporate history book about the Big Oil king and its political influence. Now remember this: No business, including ExxonMobil, or moneyed individual gives money to a political campaign just to be nice. Nosiree. That financial gift comes with strings, such as “vote my way,” not the “right way.

Airlien buying refinery at Philadelphia

Well, gosh, is this a smart move or what by Delta? Time, and Peak Oil, will tell. In the meantime, the usual parking lot spills will continue occurring along with non-point-source pollution, the demise of Chesapeake Bay, shrinking fisheries on the Susquehanna River, and more.

True Oil proposes drilling in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Better look now before it’s been industrialized.