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Wildfires, worsened by drought, burn in Oklahoma

I lived south of Oklahoma City for about three years in the mid 1980s, while serving at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. So I feel for today’s Oklahomans. One cannot help but wonder just how our changing climate is making conditions more favorable for wildfires. Read about it here.


As drillers punch holes in Midwest, a lawmaker shares in the spoils

And that legislator is Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma. Two things to remember: Being a politician today is not necessarily about doing the right thing; it’s about who can raise the most money to run for office/run for re-election. Second, those campaign contributions come with strings attached. No bigtime polluter is going to give money to a politician just to be nice. No sir. The checks come with expectations, like in voting against pollution regulations. Read about Boren and his ilk.

NY Times blows the Dust Bowl story

And the paper of record nearly failed to even alert readers of its feature-length piece on Oklahoma’s Panhandle that Boise City is pronounced “Voice” City, unlike Boise, idaho, which is pronounced “boysee.” In any case, the Times blew its coverage of the panhandle’s ongoing drought, as this article nicely explains. And what about mentioning Timothy Egan’s recent book on the Dust Bowl? Or did I just miss it.

Eagles’ nest at dam will limit area’s use – by ATVers

Well, well, well. Another area has been placed off limits to off-road cowboys and motorheads. This time it’s a Corps of Engineers dam Oklahoma and the reason is to give nesting bald eagles a chance at some peace and tranquility. The Tulsa World has the story. You know what to do.