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Drought costs homeowners as foundations crack

And the drought that has gripped Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and other chunks of the Central Plains is connected to the human-caused changing of Earth’s climate. Yes, it is true. Read about the drought in Nebraska.


Midwest burg to get a new ‘park’

And that “park” has nothing to do with preserving nature. In fact, the first new industrial park planned for Omaha, Neb., will likely mean destroying another slice of North American nature – the natural countryside. Way to go, Omaha. The new park likely will be called an “attraction” by the state’s transportation department, just as industrial parks in Pennsylvania are labeled by PennDOT.

Relentless heat drying up the Platte River

And the drought and death of the river in Nebraska mean major ramifications for natural diversity in general and fish and wildlife in particular. The Omaha World-Herald offers this look into the dying river.

Cougar hunting in Nebraska?

That idea is, as one person quoted in this article notes, more about coming up with new cash for the state’s fish and game agency. Nebraskans should roundly and publicly congratulate their state’s tenuous population of mountain lions as a successful conservation project. But, oh no, some would rather shoot to kill.

Bill would create mountain lion hunting season in Neb.

The mountain lion barely has a foothold, population wise, in Nebraska, yet some politicians evidently see a chance to attract votes by backing legislation creating a hunting season in that state for mountain lions. Hell, Nebraskans should feel honored to have a small population of the native predator within their state. Read more about the so-called “legislation” in this article.

ESA-listed beetle relocated from original Keystone pipeline path in Neb.

Anytime a threatened/endangered species has to be relocated because of human activities is simply bad times. Hey, God put this beetle in the Sandhills region of Nebraska because it’s the right habitat for the critter. Then, along come politicians and Big Oil and development wins out – again – in the end. Read about this case.

In Ogalla Aquifer country, the real threat is chemically-dependent agriculture

That’s the central premise of this nice op-ed I just spotted on the NY Times Web site. The author of it is correct. I saw the Nebraska countryside she writes about on many occasions while on reserve duty at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha.