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10,000 birds die as ‘Everglades of West’ dries, spreads disease

Officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are estimating that more than 10,000 migrating birds have died so far this year because of reduced water flow to the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon and California.  Officials say the final death toll may be as much as 20,000 birds. The cause is this: Humans are sucking the water the refuge needs for agriculture, recreation and more. What a damn shame. The American Bird Conservancy offers this look.


America’s outdoor heritage and the economy

These words are posted on the White House’s Web site right now. The president, of course, is right on the mark.

How much land is enough for all species to survive?

This, a recent Sunday newspaper column of mine, starts with a quote from Teddy Roosevelt. Red the whole piece and let me know what you think. Is three percent of our land enough? Four percent?

Idaho county vs. national wildlife refuge

Yes, Lake Lowell (actually a reservoir, or fake lake) was created to store/collect irrigation water (more than a century ago) but the place – long a favorite hiking/birding spot of mine – is a national wildlife refuge (Deer Flat), not a local Disneyland theme park for Jet Skis and the like. Too bad this Idaho Statesman article doesn’t offer any insights into conservation.

Weed warriors get their inches of column space

That’s newsprint column space and the publication is the Idaho Statesman paper of Boise. The place is Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge near Nampa, Idaho. Click here to read this nice feature on a volunteer’s work in the field for wildlife.

Rising sea levels threaten Delaware coast

Sea-level rise is happening right now. This isn’t a “tomorrow” issue, folks. And human activities, like the burning of coal to make electricity, are to blame. Read about Delaware’s situation right here.

EPA plan to clean air cod cost Oklahoma residents

Note to the Daily Oklahoman of Oklahoma City: Dirty air from those coal-fired power plants is already costing people — real people — in harming their health. Typically of media these days, you only looked at the possible impact on people’s household budgets — their wallets/bank accounts. Read the mainstream media’s feeble attempt at actual in-depth reporting right here.