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The EPA and stopping the Spruce (rape-the-Earth) mine

Good editorial here on the EPA’s recent decision to rescind the permit for a mountaintop removal coal mine in West Virginia that would have continued the criminal-like burying of natural streams with the mining rubble.

EPA appeals W.Va. coal mine ruling

The EPA finally got around to saying no to a mountaintop removal coal mine and then a judge twists it all around. Meanwhile, the damage continues and continues and certain politicians can  only carp about jobs. Pretty damn sad. You can read about the EPA’s latest decision right here.

Dr. James Hansen: Game over for world’s climate

The director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies is plain spoken and we’d all better believe what he says and writes. There is no getting around it. We either deal with our fossil fuel addiction now, or we make the planet uninhabitable for generations to come. Dr. Hansen’s op-ed essay from today’s NY Times can be read here.

Spring gets ahead of itself – humans activities to blame

Activities like burning coal; driving cars with engines fueled by gasoline; logging trees off public land just for the hell of it; and much, much more. Read the sorrowful tale of how humans are changing what the Creator gave us.

Stop the presses: Mountaintop removal does indeed harm streams

Surprise, surprise. So, will this study that confirms what conservationists have been saying for decades actually lead to legislation that stops the removal of Appalachian mountaintops? Don’t count on it – sadly.

Study finds more health problems among residents near mountaintop removal mines

This study’s findings are hardly surprising, given the many other ramifications of blowing up mountains to get at the coal beneath the summits. In brief, the study adds even more weight to the growing chorus of calls to HALT mountaintop removal coal mining and do so right now.

Visiting the other West Virginia, where mountains no longer stand tall

Oops. They’re being lost to greed, dynamiting, and the trucking away of bituminous coal — all in the name of jobs and energy. Read about the raping of Appalachia. You’ll find it all right here.