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Cop tickets man for mowing his lawn

Too bad this Oklahoman chose to crank up his gas-guzzling mower at 0430 hours (oh-dark-thirty), but the whole case sums up how inane the very idea of having one’s own turf farm has become. A waste of time, gasoline, energy and a whole lot more. Read about the Oklahoma debacle here.


Green Up Day: Excuse me, did you drop something?

Green Up Day in Vermont. This is the sort of project that brings people together. That helps real people (not just “consumers”) get back in touch with the reality of their village, town, borough, city, etc. Too damn bad that so many people don’t even know their neighbors and spend their waking hours with a video game, or cell phone, of tee vee, or … In Pennsylvania, the state Department of Transportation (the oufit responsible for destroying, degrading and fragmenting wildlife habitat), asks motorists to help keep Pennsylvania beautiful, as if the highwway itself is something beautiful unto itself.

Unlucky buck: Deer loses fight with concrete elk lawn ornament

What’s next? Bucks taking out a garbage truck on its rounds?

Read about the lawn ornament tussle right here.