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The idiots who don’t believe global warming, or climate change, or any other slice of science

My friend conservation columnist Ted Williams offers this insightful look at the deniers. Whatta crew.

Insurance firm is set up for land trusts

When I first glanced at this article, my thought was, gee that’s nice. But it really is a big deal as evidenced  by the caption under the accompanying photo.

Is its ‘raw land’ or part of our natural legacy?

That’s sort of the theme of my latest newspaper column, which you can read by clicking on this link.

Obama administration to give Fla. $100 million to preserve open lands

This is the kind of public investment that would greatly benefit conservation efforts in many other states, including Pennsylvania, from which I recently moved. Public investment in public lands. Yes.

Quote of the day

“In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see, and nobody calls the cops.”

~ Paul Brooks, The Pursuit of Wilderness, 1971

LA Times: Obama lukewarm on conservation

The West Coast paper editorializes just days after former Interior secretary Bruce Babbitt spelled it out for the public. The paper’s spot-on. I doubt whether Jimmy Carter would have stood by – quietly – while House Republicans declared war on all things natural, free and wild.

Interior budget request would boost conservation, maximize the LWCF

It’s about time the Land and Water Conservation Fund was given its full $900 million. For decades, Congress has siphoned money away from the Fund, which is funded by the revenue from oil andgas drilling leases, and spent it on things bearing no relationship to Conservation. You can find out the whole picture in this New York Times article.