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Mitt shifts to the right when it comes to talking about energy

That’s right. Stuff like oil drilling, punching holes in Earth for natural gas, building more roads and paving more wildlife habitat, etc. etc. And the cars he talks about now, in fitting for the son of an automobile executive, don’t have to get great mileage. In fact, the more gasoline and petroleum they burn up, the happier he and his Big Oil campaign contributors are. This NY Times piece spells it all out.

Breaking news: Corn for food, not automobile fuel

Hah. That’s right and here’s why: Making ethanol, especially from corn, uses more energy than it yields. That’s a shocker to many folks, I know. This op-ed makes that case in fine fashion.

The business of fracking

The federal government should set baseline environmental safety standards for hydraulic fracturing. So pleads the NY Times in this editorial. Again, missing from the discussion are the ancillary effects of drilling, whether for natural gas or oil or even water: The construction aspect of setting up a drill pad etc. means building a new road, chopping up wildlife habitat, clear-cutting forest, touching off noise pollution, etc.

A carbon tax: Pathway to energy security

A carbon tax is an opportunity to reduce existing taxes, clean up the environment and increase personal freedom and energy security.

Global warming’s twin threatens West Coast fisheries

Of course the problem is hardly limited to the West Coast. It’s ocean acidification and this article, while focusing on Pacific waters, explains it well. Will the politicians eact? Huh?

We have met the enemy, and it is us

Cute headline, NY Times. Cute. And this column by these two professional “environmentalists” was OK as far as it went. But until folks – like my neighbors here in Vermont – start connecting the dots, there seems little hope. Let me know what you think. A first objective, dear columnists, should be to get the grassroots back in action. And I don’t mean only in terms of raising money so tat you can get your paycheck on time. Go it?

Group of 8 affirms climate change efforts

Wow. This will finally, finally end the madness of burning fossil fuels forever and ever. Wanna bet? Sure, sure you say. And you are likely on the mark. The Group of 8 certainly got some positive PR-type news coverage, but that’s about it. You can read about it all here and get a look at the Group of 8 leaders hamming it up for camera people.