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Mitt shifts to the right when it comes to talking about energy

That’s right. Stuff like oil drilling, punching holes in Earth for natural gas, building more roads and paving more wildlife habitat, etc. etc. And the cars he talks about now, in fitting for the son of an automobile executive, don’t have to get great mileage. In fact, the more gasoline and petroleum they burn up, the happier he and his Big Oil campaign contributors are. This NY Times piece spells it all out.

A carbon tax: Pathway to energy security

A carbon tax is an opportunity to reduce existing taxes, clean up the environment and increase personal freedom and energy security.

Group of 8 affirms climate change efforts

Wow. This will finally, finally end the madness of burning fossil fuels forever and ever. Wanna bet? Sure, sure you say. And you are likely on the mark. The Group of 8 certainly got some positive PR-type news coverage, but that’s about it. You can read about it all here and get a look at the Group of 8 leaders hamming it up for camera people.

Dr. James Hansen: Game over for world’s climate

The director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies is plain spoken and we’d all better believe what he says and writes. There is no getting around it. We either deal with our fossil fuel addiction now, or we make the planet uninhabitable for generations to come. Dr. Hansen’s op-ed essay from today’s NY Times can be read here.

O.E.C.D. warns of continue reliance on fossil fuels

The Republican presidential wannabees probably see reports like the one discussed in this article as part of a liberal plot to undermine the moneyed fortunes of their campaign contributors, like Big Oil, Big Coal, etc. But this report is no joke and Earth, our only planet, can’t take the abuse we’re handing out.

Romney: The flip-flop candidate on climate, energy

The headline-seeking GOPer candidate likes to accuse others of flip-flopping on the issue of the day, but Meester Romney himself has an enviable record of taking such flip-flopping on the nation’s energy future and climate change. Read about the flip-flopper here.

Regional cap-and-Ttade effort seeks greater impact by cutting carbon allowances

Most programs that affect, or purport to affect, the public’s way of doing business, at least publicize themselves a bit so as to gain public understanding and support. As a resident of the Northeast, I will admit to having heard about this greenhouse gas project only dimly. So, anyway, here is the glitch: The regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has cut the number of allowances that electric power companies can buy to offset their emissions. Like PPL’s Montour coal-fired plant in central Pennsylvania. The decision, made last week, was intended to shore up the pioneering program as it undergoes its first big progress review this year. While the program has been judged a success by most of the participating states, in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, an oversupply of the allowances — in essence, permits to pollute — has limited the program’s impact. The NY Times offers this coverage.