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Global disaster? Climate change not on today’s media agenda

According to the National Climatic Data Center, July 211 to June 2012 was the hottest 12-month stretch on human record. But even as the devastation resulting from humanity’s ongoing alteration of the Earth’s atmosphere became more and more obvious, coverage of the 2012 presidential election campaign seemed completely impervious to the effects of climate change,”the media watchdog organization FAIR reported. You can read about FAIR’s findings right here. The conservation impact of what we humans are doing to our fish and wildlife heritage by burning fossil fuels goes well beyond the crisis faced by one or two species.


How climate change may have worsened U.S. drought

There is little surprise in this, at least to people who are well-read on the science fo climate change. In any case, this article explores what apparently worsened the drought.

Drought costs homeowners as foundations crack

And the drought that has gripped Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and other chunks of the Central Plains is connected to the human-caused changing of Earth’s climate. Yes, it is true. Read about the drought in Nebraska.

Running out of water – across the nation

Americans, especially in the southern Great Plains states, are finding out the hard way just how valuable water is to life today. It’s not pretty, but the descriptions in this article are full of grit and despair.

A closer look at extreme drought in a warming climate

I once lived, for nearly three years, in central Oklahoma while serving at Tinker Air Force Base outside Oklahoma City. The neighborhood in which my late wife and I bought our first home was destroyed a decade or so later by a tornado. In any case, humanity can expect more extreme weather as we alter our planet’s climate. And let’s remember this: Earth is the only planet we have to live on. The headline above goes over this article.

The 10-year forecast: Drought

That’s the NY Times’s headline over this article. Here in Williston, Vt., it just rained again, another half-inch at least, with lightning and thunder accompaniment. But I can believe the climate forecast calls for drought. I once lived in Oklahoma. And before that in Texas. Both have been hit hard lately by drought.

Wildfires, worsened by drought, burn in Oklahoma

I lived south of Oklahoma City for about three years in the mid 1980s, while serving at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. So I feel for today’s Oklahomans. One cannot help but wonder just how our changing climate is making conditions more favorable for wildfires. Read about it here.