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Romney’s energy plan: Drill everywhere, even in national parks

The Republican presidential wannabe is a Big friend (amigo) of Big Oil, and Big Coal, too. As this Climate Progress piece explains, the Republicrat candidate would turn drill rigs loose everywhere, even, I guess, on the lawn of the White House and the National Mall in D.C. Whatta guy.

O.E.C.D. warns of continue reliance on fossil fuels

The Republican presidential wannabees probably see reports like the one discussed in this article as part of a liberal plot to undermine the moneyed fortunes of their campaign contributors, like Big Oil, Big Coal, etc. But this report is no joke and Earth, our only planet, can’t take the abuse we’re handing out.

U.S. pushes to cut some emissions blamed for changing climate

Too little, too late is my take on the action described in this article.

Add earthquakes to the cost of natural gas drilling

That’s the gist of this New York Times “science section” piece from today’s edition. Makes sense – a lot of sense. In my three years as a resident of Oklahoma in the mid 80s, I never heard of an earthquake there. And Ohio? Is Ohio earthquake country? It is now, apparently because of the drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale formation, which also unlderlies much of Pennsylvania and parts of New York State, West Virginia and Maryland.

Here’s an easy $100B cut

And that would be this: End the tax breaks enjoyed by the rolling-in-dough oil industry, and kissing goodbye to subsidies given to the equally rich ethanol industry, a k a Big Oil. This NY Times editorial spells it out nicely. On top of that, the slick Republicans, particularly those in the House of Representatives, could show their resolve in real photo-op fashion by forfeiting their taxpayer-paid paychecks for a few months.

Citizens demand Marcellus drilling ban in W.Va.

Good luck to the scrappy corps of people discussed in this article. Too bad a similar grassroots campaign never really got off the ground, to my knowledge, in Pennsylvania, the state from which I just moved.

Pollution found in Canton, Pa., wells as gas drillers work nearby

This kind of thing is going to happen with increasing regularity, no doubt, as the Marcellus shale  gas-drilling frenzy erupts across Pennsylvania and adjacent states. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the federal EPA will, of course, do their dutiful investigations in the cases they learn about (as if those constitute 100 percent of all) and the frenzy will continue. Wildlife, a word missing from nearly all reporting on the Marcellus shale gas industry, takes it on the chin all the while. A note to reporters: Drilling requires clearing the natural landscape and building roads, causing noise, spawning pollution, etc. Do some reporting on those impacts.