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2 cougar sightings confirmed in Illinois

A motion-sensitive camera caught the action. See this article.


Study finds cougars are spreading across the Midwest

Good, good. As long as yahoos leave them alone and the prey base remains wild. Read in this article about the study’s findings about the cat we also know as the mountain lion. And which was called the catamount here in Vermont.

USDA’s ‘Wildlife Services’ is the wildlife killing agency

And the killing is not pretty. Even Bald and Golden eagles have been killed by Wildlife Services field workers, as this in-depth newspaper article explains in excruciating detail. Wildlife Services isn’t just about protecting the livestock of “ranchers” who’ve leased federal public land (ours!). Nosiree. It’s about killing any and all native predators. And that’s how it has been for a bunch of decades. Time to stop the killing. The human usurpation of habitat for buildings, roads and parking lots is bad enough.

Cougar hunting in Nebraska?

That idea is, as one person quoted in this article notes, more about coming up with new cash for the state’s fish and game agency. Nebraskans should roundly and publicly congratulate their state’s tenuous population of mountain lions as a successful conservation project. But, oh no, some would rather shoot to kill.

Motion-sensing camera snaps shot of cougar tracking deer

This is very cool and it happened in Nebraska, a state in which sightings of mountain lions (a k a cougars) have increased markedly in recent years. Read about the latest in this article from the Omaha World-Herald, which I used to read while serving at Offutt Air Force Base near that city.

Study finds nearly 20 cougars now in Nebraska

The study is highlighted and discussed in this newspaper article from Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital city.

Mountain lion spotted on Calif. golf course

It’s pretty sad, in my estimation, when a sighting like the one described here makes headlines. The rarer the wildlife species, the more newsprint a sighting gets. Very sad.