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Pending ‘outdoors’ legislation angers conservationists

There is little wonder why. Where does one start in listing the bad features of the legislation now pending in the Senate? The Washington Post offers this look.


Dangerous sport in lawmaking

Legislation pending in the U.S. Senate would undo all kinds of positive conservation programs, like not allowing lead to be used in waterfowl hunting. And, ludicrously, raising the price of the federal Duck Stamp from its current $15 is being attacked as a “tax and spend” situation. Notions like “wilderness protection” are apparently way over the head for many federal “lawmakers.” This editorial does all the explaining. There really are idiots in Congress, people who bitch about government being too big, but yet do all they can to get elected and be part of it. Amazing.

Editorial: Farming conservation efforts falling short

Pleading innocence and issuing PR releases about all the “progress” being made toward eliminating sediment erosion and toxic runoff is one thing. But actually doling that and more is the subject of this editorial from Iowa.

Citizens or government scientists: Who does better in selecting candidates for Endangered Species Act protection?

American citizens seem to do as good a job as government scientists in selecting candidates for federal protection. That’s the gist of this article. The statistics may say one thing, but that’s hardly the whole story. Still absent from most mainstream media reporting is this: What led to a given species’ population dive? In the balance of things, more imperiled flora and fauna benefits through citizen participation. After all, there are only so many fisheries and wildlife biologists on the staff of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And Republicans’ non-ending desire to de-fund, as much as possible, agencies like Fish and Wildlife, only makes the campaign that much harder.

Natural history: The ground upon which conservation rests

That’s the headline over this great “Around the  Campfire” essay from conservationist Dave Foreman in New Mexico (my home state before Idaho and a career in the U.S. Air Force).

Billionaire’s donation of land jumpstarts wildlife preserve for Fish and Wildlife Service

This donation of 90,000 acres to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a really big deal, especially when considering just closely the region in southern Colorado has been eyed as “raw land” by developers, road-builders and other assorted land rapists. This is the sort of thing that legitimately takes space on page one, rather than the latest celebrity marriage or crime spree or free advertising for a fast food chain disguised as a news story.

Calif. rice growers helping migratory shorebirds

This nice feature article leads off with words about an American Avocet.