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Coal and our climate: Changes happening now

Forget all that balderdash about their being such a thing as “clean coal.” There isno such thing. The rock is dirty and its burning is changing Earth’s climate right now. The weird heat wave of March here in northern New England is proof enough. Read more here.

Changing the chemistry of Earth’s oceans

That’s right, buckaroos. And guess who’s responsible: We are, of course. Just as our burning of fossil fuels, like coal, is heating up our planet (the only one we’ve got, sports fans), so is it changing the chemistry of our oceans. The result: Acidification. This editorial from the NY Times explains why we should stop burning rocks like coal and liquids like petroleum. But, of course, we won;’t because knuckleheads wield too much power over our former Democratic government. I won’t name the names here, but people who identify themselves as conservationists or environmentalists or even plain old “naturalist” know the names.

Coal-fired power plants biggest source of greenhouse gases, EPA says

This is actually not much of a surprise, but the EPA is getting some good media attention from its release today of a package of climate change-related data and more. Here’s one paper’s prime-time article.

Remember Kyoto? Most nations don’t

And many Americans don’t, either. They’re too busy anyway with their gas-guzzling cars, and coal-burning stoves. (Don’t laugh. Many Pennsylvanians, at least in northeast Pa., still heat their homes with coal-burning stoves. Read about Kyoto here.

Carl Hiaasen column: GOP attacks on the EPA ignore the problem

I’ve sort of been waiting for Carl Hiaasen, a columnist for the Miami Herald, to write this one – and include the phrases “global warming” and “carbon dioxide.” He’s spot-on, as usual. Florida, of all places, should be deeply worried about sea-level rise. Where will the tourists lounge about if the beaches are submerged?

Buy it by the bag; pollute by the bag

The truth, still inconvenient

Indeed it is, as that New York Times op-ed page headline correctly points out. The headline appears on top of today’s Paul Krugman column. Krugman correctly points out, as well, that the joke isn’t on the GOP as much as it is on the human race.