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Let the coal burn! And China and India are doing just that

Amazing the amount of press time/coverage a lousy rock, aka “coal,” gets around the world. And never mind the carbon dioxide emitted whenever a supply of those rocks are burned – for heat, for electricity, for steam, etc. What would the Molly Maguires think today? Read here to learn about the role of coal in China and India. Not good.

Bill McKibben: Do the math on climate change

And the math says it is real and is happening right now. The Oregonian paper offers this.

Climate change: Admitting the problem a first step

This well-crafted and well-researched article focuses on Delaware and the Delaware Bay, but its conclusions are widely applicable.

We’re all climate-change idiots

That, friends and neighbors, is the headline over this NY Times op-ed piece I just grabbed from the paper’s Web site. It’s a good read and I don’t have much argument at all against the central thesis of the work. On target. Spot-on. And please remember, buckaroos, that there is no such thing as “clean coal.”

The ethics of ‘clean coal’ propaganda

Let’s get one thing clear right now: As I have pointed out previously (and will likely continue doing so), there is no such thing as clean coal. The carboniferous rock is dirty. Dirty to the core. I remember the first winter (1989) after my late wife and I moved to Pennsylvania from the now closed Plattsburgh Air Force Base across Lake Champlain from where I now live, we tried heating our new three-bedroom home with the coal-fired stove the seller left behind for us. I tried, really tried, to keep the damn thing going, but invariably the flame would go out, necessitating a complete emptying of he coal fuel and restarting of the fire. The filthy ash and dust that damn thing generated was incredible. A decade later, Monica would be told she would soon need new lungs and that’s when she was placed on the transplantation waiting list at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Please don’t believe the hoopla and lies coming from the “coal is clean for the U.S. of A. camp. It is propaganda. All of it. Read this article for more about the propaganda.

Even in coal country, the coal industry fights on

It still amazes me, more than a little, that I lived two decades in a region of Pennsylvania where the raping of natural land was rampant in the heyday of underground mining for anthracite coal. There was no land ethic, only the scouring of untold thousands and thousands of acres of Appalachian hardwood forest. Well spring forward to today, and the raping of land in northeastern Pennsylvania continues in the form of sprawl and road-building. In Kentucky and other points South, the Big Coal fights safety and public-health regulations. Read about it here.

EPA appeals W.Va. coal mine ruling

The EPA finally got around to saying no to a mountaintop removal coal mine and then a judge twists it all around. Meanwhile, the damage continues and continues and certain politicians can  only carp about jobs. Pretty damn sad. You can read about the EPA’s latest decision right here.