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University of AZ reseearch: Big stretch of U.S. coast at risk of rising seas

And human-caused climate change is the trigger, as this article illustrating research at the University of Arizona makes clear. So, what will humans do? Continue burning coal, most likely

To fight climate change, clear the air

I remember as a kid traveling to Los Angeles in the early 60s to visit cousins, and being greeted, on the horizon of L.A., a blanket of smog. The darkish plague of that day and more is gone, but more than ever, human activities continue to generate air pollutants that are having a terribly poor effect on our planet’s atmosphere. Read about air pollution here.

Nuclear energy becomes pivotal in climate debate

That’s a newspaper’s hedline, not mine. The debate is long over with. It is happening and human activity is to blame. Check out this newspaper article regarding the newfound interest in nuclear energy.

Turning trees’ carbon into silver

Nice piece here from the Philly Inky. Don’t cut down that tree.