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Oklahoma, where the denial comes right before the drought

I lived in Oklahoma, a half-hour’s commute from Tinker Air Force Base, where I was assigned, for nearly three years in the 80s. When I saw and read this article, I just had to share it here. So read it and then remember that Oklahoma is represented by denier-in-chief James Inhofe in the U.S. Senate. Whatta champ. Well isn’t he?

Going green, but gong nowhere

House panel votes to strip EPA of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases

Earth to Republicans. Why do you think they are called “greenhouse gases?” Duh. Politics triumphs again, as this article explains. Science? What science?

University of AZ reseearch: Big stretch of U.S. coast at risk of rising seas

And human-caused climate change is the trigger, as this article illustrating research at the University of Arizona makes clear. So, what will humans do? Continue burning coal, most likely

EPA limit on greenhouse gases sets up battle

And once again, I predict, the politicians and their talking-head friends in so-called cable Tee Vee will win out in the end. The planet – our planet – will lose out in the end, naturally. After all, what’s more important? Getting re-elected or doing the right thing?

Read about the EPA’s new regs that take effect tomorrow.

The real threat to science in the new political climate

Surprise, surpise. What the rich campaign contributors want the most will be what the newly elected pols pick to support. Same old story.

An all too typical GOP response

From Idaho Sen. Wal Minnick. The Idaho Satesman offers this article.