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Experts: Adirondacks should prep adaptation strategies for climate change

The experts include Paul Smith’s  College professor Curt Stager. This piece from North Country Public Radio is straightforward. Oh, and there is no “debate” on whether climate change is occurring. It is and human actions are to blame.


Private property: Oliver’s War, Brandon Park and paddling rights

Did Adirondack Explorer editor Phil Brown trespass by paddling his watercraft on public water through privately owned land? A nice featurette of the ongoing case is right here.

Paddling on public water through private land?

The court case revolves around the citing of Adirondack Explorer Phil Brown for paddling his watercraft through a really nice waterway. Here’s what Brown wrote recently: “The suit was filed after I paddled through private property owned by the Friends of Thayer Lake and the Brandreth Park Association in 2009. I wrote about the trip for the Adirondack Explorer newsmagazine.

“Since I am the defendant, I don’t want to write about the case. However, the Explorer wants to make public the memoranda of law that were filed in advance of Friday’s arguments. The documents were prepared by the New York State Attorney General’s Office; John Caffry, who is my attorney; and Dennis Phillips, who represents the plaintiffs. The attorney general is arguing that the waterway in question is open to the public.” You can read more reporting on this right here right now.

NY DEC says it had no choice but to kill bull moose

The moose, as this article explains, had injured hind legs and was unable to maneuver in the West Branch of the Ausable River not far from Lake Placid in Wilmington Notch, the Adirondacks. I know the spot very well. Sad to learn of this. And it’s even sadder when one realizes how much a lone wild animal matters given the seeming war on habitat that humans continue to engage in.

Groups raise new challenge to building of Adirondack resort

There is no way, regardless of what supporters of the planned Adirondack Club and Resort say, that this turkey development will not affect wildlife populations. All the data and survey results cannot change the fact that building the big bonanza would seriously degrade and fragment wildlife habitat, not to mention that habitat lost directly to land clearing operations. Here’s a report from North Country Public Radio.

New York buying 69,000 acres for Adirondack Forest Preserve

This is a big deal, that’s both good for fish and wildlife and the Adirondack economy. Conservationists made it happen.

Conservancy, NY State acquire, protect key wetland complex near Lake Champlain

This is a big deal in an area of the lake’s watershed where developers continue to to destroy natural area after natural area, all in the name of “progress.”