Forest fire research questions wisdom of precribed burns

One major case study in this realm is the prescribed burn of earlier this century near the Los Alamos, N.M., National Laboratory that got out of control. Lay people have got to understand, though, that Wild Nature, in many cases, is dependent on natural fires, like those touched off by lightning strikes.


One response to “Forest fire research questions wisdom of precribed burns

  1. Well if we are trying to prevent forest fires, a “prescribed burn” isn’t exactly preventing, is it? I understand the argument that it may reduce wildfire risks later, but is it even cost-effective, or is it make-work jobs for a already-bloated government?

    If the idea is to reduce fire fighting costs, then why not just let some forest fires grow naturally, if they are out in areas sufficiently remote enough? Does nature really need so much “help” to be natural? Most forest fires likely soon fizzle on their own, long before they can hardly make it into the news?

    Yes, liability is a concern with “prescribed burns.” Forest fires often aren’t so easy to control, especially with the lack of more logging and firebreaks being cut.

    I think enviro-wackos are wrong, with their excessive emphasis on natural forest fires being “natural,” if the cause was lightning and not human activities. Like how is nature supposed to know what the difference is, as to whether the start was “natural?” No, the real issues, is the costs involved, and who is to be held liable. “Letting some wildfires burn” does NOT necessarily mean, anybody is liable or to blame. But a “prescribed burn” always has a human culprit to sue, should something go wrong.

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