Scientists plead for closure of Champlain Canal

And they are correct, in my estimation. If there is a threat of invasion by invasive species because of the canal, then it should be closed to navigation. Period. The invasive species threat continues to unfold. The world is indeed a small place. Read about the plea.


One response to “Scientists plead for closure of Champlain Canal

  1. We have known for years that the Champlain Canal is channeling invasive species into Lake Champlain. Close to 20 invaders have followed this path ahead of the spiny water flea, and more invaders are sure to follow. I have long urged and worked for answers to these threats, and I have secured funds and provided them for New York to design and implement invasive species barriers for the canal. Money that I have directed to this purpose through both the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has gone unspent for years – I repeat – for YEARS — while the New York Canal Corporation has shown no sustained interest in addressing the problem. There have been occasional meetings, and a letter or two, but no real progress.

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