Forget about industrial park and such, build a walking trail to make life, and town, a better place

That place is Emmett, Idaho, once home to a lumber mill that closed more than a decade ago. The key to making recovery better – and promoting public health – lies in amenities like the new walking trail the burg has just unveiled. Read about Emmett, Idaho, right here. And then ask yourself why your community does not have something similar amidst all the talk about making life better for cars and trucks. Remember this: In most municipalities across the nation, the only “public spaces” of note are the streets. And that’s it. Read what the mayor of Emmett had to say: The bridges connect Emmett’s nearly 6 miles of public walking trails. The bridges are modest, more utilitarian than picturesque. But they mean a lot to the town. They enhance public spaces and encourage people to get outside, said Mayor Bill Butticci.


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