Newfangled Air Force jet stirs up noise complaints

And the F-35 hasn’t even been produced in quantity yet, and already the “breaking news” media complainers are busy, busy, busy. The so-called debate is occurring here in Burlington Vt., and has also touched down at Tucson, Ariz. You can read the Arizona angle here. A retired Air Force public affairs officer to all you planetoids: Jet fighters do make some noise. There is no way around that. But there is a helluva lot more noise out there all the time, weekends included: Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, juiced up motorcycles, hot-rodders in gas guzzlers, car stereo systems, freight train horns (I hear them here in Williston, Vt.), automobile horns, boom boxes, passenger airliners, etc. etc. etc. Those and more are the sources of urban noise which few of us even wonder about because we live with it all the time. It’s called noise pollution.


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