Greedheads’ bill would eviscerate Wilderness Act of 1964

We just received this message from our friends at Wilderness Watch and hope you will read about the bill and take immediate action to oppose it:

Dear friends of Wilderness,

I have been a wilderness activist for more than 30 years.

Never in that time has a bill been introduced—let alone pass in the House of Representatives—that would do so much harm to Wilderness. H.R. 4089, which passed the House of Representatives on April 17 not only allows destructive activities like road building, logging and ATV use that would destroy the physical characteristics of designated Wilderness, H.R. 4089 places its crosshairs on the foundational underpinnings of the Wilderness Act and its definition of Wilderness—“as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man…retaining its primeval character and influence…which is protected and managed so as to preserve its natural conditions.” Howard Zahniser, the author of the Wilderness Act, described these words as “the definitive meaning of the concept of wilderness, its essence, its essential character.”

It is this essential character of wilderness that the supporters of HR 4089 seek to destroy. We have to stop them. Please send a letter today and please help us spread the word. It may well be the most important letter you will ever write on behalf of Wilderness. Thank you.

– George Nickas, Executive Director, Wilderness Watch.

HR 4089 would give hunting, fishing, shooting, and fish and wildlife management top priority in Wilderness, rather than protecting the wilderness character and wilderness values, as is currently the case. This bill would allow endless, extensive habitat manipulations in Wilderness under the guise of “wildlife conservation” or for providing hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting experiences. It would allow the construction of roads to facilitate such uses, and would allow the construction of dams, buildings, or other structures within Wildernesses.

My friend Dave Foreman – a wilderness warrior of long standing, has the whole sordid tale posted on the Web site of The Rewilding Institute, of which he is director. Read it here.


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