Big money talks, and talks big, for Big Oil

And the polluters win again as the Senate retains subsidies for an industry thats’ rolling in Big Cash. The ad campaign that Big Oil paid for in defeating the bill ending the subsidies shows how pliable the American voter is, and how naive Americans are when it comes to petroleum prices. But, the big showcase in this mess is once again the power of Big Money in buying votes. Democracy? What? The NY Times offers this shit-kicking editorial. Lou Barletta, the Republican congressman in the Pennsylvania district I just moved from, got a nice pot of cash from Big Oil and Big Coal. His “givers” included ExxonMobil ($10,000), Halliburton Co. ($2,000), and American Petroleum Association of America ($5,000). You can find out how much your own senator and representative got in the last election cycle from Big Oil and Big Coal at this Web site. Happy hunting.


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