Keystone pipeline will seek renewed permit

The company also said it wanted to move ahead quickly on a portion of the pipeline that would move only domestic oil. This monster will be built; maybe not as its backers had hoped, but it will. And too bad for the planet, which, by the way, is our only home. The latest is here.


2 responses to “Keystone pipeline will seek renewed permit

  1. Dear Alan Gregory:
    My name is John Timpane, and I’m a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I am doing a story on wolves in Pennsylvania, why the official reaction to the idea is a big no, and I’d like to speak with you for comment. My cell is 609-577-6668, and my deadline is soon. Many thanks in advance.

    • Hello Alan—Since you started the Council Cup Hawk Watch, Fairfax Hutter would like to get in touch some time for info on local PA wildlife and PA energy issues as we have family land below Council Cup in Southern Luzerne County. Hope to be up there in the next month or so.

      PS: John is a great reporter.

      Hello John—I went looking for Alan Gregory and I find you! I’m a fellow resident of Lawrenceville, NJ 🙂 and a friend of Jeff Griesemer’s–see you at the bakery!

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