Wisconsin bill would legalize hunting of sandhill cranes

Anything to sell some licenses and get the revenue. That’s my take of this dumb legislation now before state legislators in Madison, Wis.


3 responses to “Wisconsin bill would legalize hunting of sandhill cranes

  1. Another example of Scott Walker at his “best”!

  2. Sad to say but they probably saw what the Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Game did last year. There was a lot of opposition to this, particularly here in Louisville but they pushed it through anyway. Apparently not a big demand as only 20 or so tags were sold out of a possible 60. I am often ashamed of the actions (and more often inactions) of my state but this is right up there.

  3. Well first of all your title. Saying legalize implies that there was some sort of illegal hunting going on. Why not just say “Wisconsin begins first sandhill crane season”. Would that sound less judgmental?

    Notice there were only 20 tags? Seasons are begun to allow biologists to use hunters to manage populations. It’s widely thought that sandhills have the possibility of becoming the next Canada Geese. In other words an overpopulated nuisance.

    First game managers get a human population familiar with hunting a species but with very low harvest numbers. Then if need be there is an experienced group of humans that can increase take if it is decided by game managers that reduced crane populations would be beneficial. Without that core group of hunters, with first hand experience hunting a species, it can take years to build up the necessary cull.

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