Wild horse allies: BLM stacking panel against them

Lost in the grumbling and speech-making are these facts: “Wild” horses are not native to our public lands in the West (or even Chincoteague Island off the Virginia Eastern Shore). And these “wild” horses compete for and wreck habitat needed by native wildlife; a situation akin to the overgrazing of public lands by livestock (cattle and sheep) at rates far below the prevailing market for leasing privately owned rangeland). You can follow the latest uproar in this article.


One response to “Wild horse allies: BLM stacking panel against them

  1. Oh great, the folks that want horses vs. the folks that want cows to be where they shouldn’t be. I’ll take option #3.

    I might note: last time I was at Assateague/Chincoteague, they even had sika elk (a small Cervus) that they were not trying to extirpate, and I think that continues. I could not believe it. This and the pony population is blindly caving to tourons and the people after their money.

    request: I had previously heard estimates of the number of native plants likely to have been made extinct by horses and such, but can’t find such info now. I would actually like to be able to name them.

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