Conservationists get down to earth

I refuse to, once again, use the word “environmentalists” in writing a headline. For years, I have felt that the word itself is awkward and doesn’t really say what the movement is all about. That’s why “conservationist” is so much better. Just look at the historical traditions of conservation in the U.S.: John Muir, David Brower, Teddy Roosevelt, Bob Marshall, Roger Tory Peterson, Maurice Broun, Robert Redford, etc. Those are just names I thought of at this moment.

The NY Times offers this feature-length article today of where the “movement” is at this time of a warming climate, fossil fuels, etc. Still, I don’t read or hear much of saving fish and wildlife habitat.


One response to “Conservationists get down to earth

  1. Can it jest be normal climate change and we have nothing to worry about? Jest thinking !

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