Another bug for Keystone pipeline plans

This is a fairly typical article, pitting an insect against “progress” and “growth.” It plays into the tired arguments of conservatives bent on railing against government regs and the Endangered Species Act. Can’t we move beyond this specious argument? Geez


One response to “Another bug for Keystone pipeline plans

  1. From the article: “Officials said TransCanada was willing to clear the route before gaining federal approval of the project so construction could begin immediately next spring. Because American burying beetles are most active in June and August, waiting might have delayed work a year.” …
    “Keystone XL has been fantastic to work with. They’ve not wavered once in their environment commitments,” said Mike George, supervisor of the Nebraska field office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.” …
    “Halting the work or forcing the pipeline to relocate — which his agency suggested initially — was not possible, said George, because the Sand Hills have not been declared “critical habitat” for the beetle, and the pipeline wouldn’t jeopardize its existence.”
    Does anyone else hear the irony in those statements, particularly with the huge public (international) outcry the past 2 wks re: the environmental issues of building this pipeline?!

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