Cheney accepts museum’s invite

And Trout Underground writes excellently about the invitation. Heck, why not just invite (as well) Dick’s former boss to the shindig? That way the museum could honor two of the country’s greatest anti-conservationists of recent memory?

3 responses to “Cheney accepts museum’s invite

  1. Will Dick—consummate sportsman that he is—be allowed to bring along his shotgun and a friend for target practice?

  2. Probably an illegal 10-gauge shotgun, at that. He must be spending too much time in front of his tee vee these days. Otherwise he would have hooked a fellow angler while fly casting.

  3. Cheney is at least less dangerous to fish with a fly rod in his hand than he is with the power he has had for the past 8 years – pulling the strings on Charlie McCarty (Joe’s little brother, perhaps?) His faux sportsmanship clearly demonstrated remarkable knowledge of firearm safety a few years back in the near tragic hunting “mishap,” where he returned lead for gold in the face of a donor to his cause. He is am embarrassment to America, the West and to sportsmen, in general.

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