Why is Butch afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Chuck Pezeshki’s op-ed column, posted this morning to Ted Williams’ Conservation Connection blog, first appeared in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News of north Idaho.

The introduction to Chuck’s article:

The latest scandal coming out of Idaho, ecologically speaking, is Butch Otter’s publicly displayed bloodlust for shooting endangered wolves in Idaho. With such public pronouncements, he is putting undue pressure on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to de-list the wolf from the Endangered Species Act, and the protections it provides.

Amazing that guys like Butchy Otter — living in one of the most beautiful places in North America — continually try and trash the very thing that sustains their state. Amazing.

(Visit Chuck’s photo page).

8 responses to “Why is Butch afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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  2. Kind of interesting that a person like Chuck, who obviously know better, would refer to Idaho’s wolves as “endangered”.

    Seems to me that the definition of the population south of Interstate 90 is “experimental” and “non-essential”. Isn’t that the terms of the 10j ruling?


  3. Layton, it’s possible that an ill-informed editor changed Chuck’s wording and didn’t check with him on the change. It happens. I know from personal experience. In any case, Chuck makes some solid points in his piece.

  4. Glenn, wolves kill to eat. So do humans. And red-tailed hawks. And golden eagles. And dragonflies. What’s your point?

  5. Govenor Otter aleady has made other statements about the wolves contridicting his first statements. He has indicated that he will let the Idaho Fish and Game Commission make the decisions on wolves, Well the Commission is appointed by the Govenor so I suspect they will do exactly as he says. Otter likes to hear himself talk and I suspect he will sway with the wind. The citizens of Idaho already rejected the Fish and Game Commission proposal to wipe out most of them wolves on the Lochsa River to increase the number of elk. That proposal was pure snake oil biology. Most of the wolves in Idaho are found on National Forests and the real issue is how decisions are made on these public lands. I would say the Govenor of Idaho does NOTE get to make these decisions and there are public processes in place to determine how our National Forests are managed. In addition signifant impacts on federal lands require compliance with NEPA…something the Idaho Fish and Game Commission does not like to talk about..that and elk counts (which are stable). Wiping out 400 wolves on federal lands is a signicifacnt (huge) impact.

  6. Hi Layton,

    Found the page by Googling it– just a quick comment.

    You get around 750 words in an op-ed. Wolves in Idaho are indeed designated an ‘experimental and non-essential’ population. But when you write for a lay audience– even one in Idaho, that when you ask them where the closest designated Roadless Area is in Yellowstone, you just simplify.

    There are also some other small inconsistencies in the piece, because I wrote the piece late at night and only proofed it 3 times. Racing to meet the deadline for that big $25 payday! :-0

    Apologies to those that can indeed pick out the language issues. The point still stands– the Idaho State Legislature and the Governor operate as if they’re in their own little pathetic White Trash world. It’s hurt wolves, and it’s gonna kill salmon and steelhead is this, one of the most fantastically beautiful states in the Union.



  7. Chuck, thanks for stopping by. I recall well the outrage I felt after reading your book about the Clearwater.
    Alan Gregory, an Idahoan living in Pennsylvania

  8. Hi Alan,

    We pretty much stopped them in their tracks. That book and the events in it were the lead-in to Clinton’s Roadless Initiative. The landslides in Idaho, and the associated pix, were the belly-punch in the stomach that the USFS got that led to the roadbuilding moratorium, which then led to Clinton’s rulemaking.

    Of course we didn’t know it at the time. We were just hauling ourselves out of bed every day, determined to fuck with the machine.

    And so we did!



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