White-tailed deer food

Hobblebush, Nescopeck State Park, Pa.

Dr. Tim Block of the University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum points to what may be the sole hobblebush plant within the 3,000-acre Nescopeck State Park, northeastern Pennsylvania. Why so rare? Because it’s a favorite food of white-tailed deer, the hoofed locust running amok across the Pennsylvania hardwood forests as I write. Public menace. Public enemy number one. Either is a suitable phrase. Read Ted Williams’ “Incite” column (for “Audubon” magazine) about the white-tailed deer plague. Then buy a hunting license. Even if you don’t plan to hunt deer next fall. Then tell the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners to proceed, full steam ahead, on a progressive deer management plan.

P.S. Hobblebush, like so many other understory plants in Appalachian forests, is the equivalent of ice cream to deer.

5 responses to “White-tailed deer food

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  2. stew meat is very good when sautayed in wine.

  3. Hobblebush be damned

    You econuts need to stay the hell out of GAME MANAGEMENT.

    Damn flakes.

  4. And the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s name should be changed to “Wildlife Commission.” Heck, let’s go even further. Merge the Game Commission with the Fish and Boat Commission to create a “Fish and Wildlife Commission” like Vermont’s. Gee, that might even save some dollars. But, most of all, it would make non-hunters and hunters alike the stakeholders and would give all Pennsylvanians a place at the land management table. That lone hobblebush plant survives at Nescopeck State Park because the land there is owned by the public and, thus, is hunted. And that’s a good argument for making more of Pennsylvania (that which hasn’t been built on yet) PUBLIC land. And, lastly, look at the land from an ecological, not political, standpoint.

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